Equipment Hire

Hire ItemPer hour
Canoe £15
Stand Up Paddle Board £10
Kayak £10
Double Kayak £15


We are allocating a time slot for people to arrive, this will ensure different people can maintain social distance whilst getting kitted up. Please contact the office for a time of arrival. As you will see there is a video for you to watch relating to the equipment usage which will help us maintain a social distance whilst you head out for some fun. This will be available at the office. We do not have toilet facilities or a carpark to use at this time, if you can park in any of the car parks in town and walk down to us. This may change as more information becomes available. If you make a booking which changes due to different government advice we will contact you regarding changes.

We ask that you stay within a boundary area so we can ensure that you will not get your self into difficulty as we will not have a qualified guide out with you. As you head out we will show you the boundary area on a map, its quite a large area (4km of river bank) so you can still have a great time.

We also have some of our past season equipment such as wetsuits, canoes, kayaks and paddles for sale.

Call first on 01239 612133 for more information to see what we have.

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